Wednesday, May 04, 2016

I have discovered that a dot at the center of the crosshairs

may well be wonderful as a 'put it on the spot and press' thing, but- for me at least- it can make shooting for accuracy a bit difficult compared to straight crosshairs.  Shouldn't, but seems to.  Something about keeping the dot centered on the bullseye.

It was a good day at the range anyway, about which I have something else to write, except I just realized 'no pictures'.  So that part'll have to come later.  But it worked.

Did get a chance to shoot something interesting:  a Ruger Blackhawk in

.30 Carbine(stock photo, not the one in question).  Talk about muzzle blast... very sharp 'crack'.  Recoil's nothing bad, but definitely a 'snap'.  I'd love to be able to borrow it when I can set up the Chrony and find out what velocity that little 110-grain bullet is moving at from a 7.5" barrel.  Guys on the rifle side were looking around like "What the hell is he shooting?"  Accuracy was impressive; at 50 yards it put four into about a 4" group, with two high(I blame myself for those).  Wonder how soft points, or those new Hornady hollowpoints, would expand out of this?

Mind you, if you were close to a bad guy the muzzle blast might well cause enough disruption to send them away(possibly with a shirt on fire).


Anonymous said...

I have one of those, handloading for it is fun. The only live thing I ever shot with it was a feral cat back when I was farming. Explosive expansion doesn't cover it.

Gerry N. said...

My best friend owned one, we handloaded some 130 gr cast bullets for it (Discontinued Lee mold), wheelweight alloy, tumble lubed, 18gr. 2400, light recoil, lotsa noise, group size @ 50M about twice factory hardball in an M1 Carbine= 8" vs 4". The ones salvaged from the dirt berm showed pretty impressive expansion.

Within 75 M I see it as an acceptable deer load. It is legal in Wa. State as is any centerfire arm with a bore of .243" (6mm) or larger and a barrel of 4" or longer.

Gerry N.

Unknown said...

BFR has a .45-70 Revolver I am wanting to try out.

Anonymous said...

With a target dot, place the dot outside the point of impact, top or bottom of the bull for better accuracy.