Friday, April 29, 2016

"When there are no real problems left for people to bitch about,

they make some up."
Since we are out of problems – we have food, shelter, medicine, etc. – we’ve decided not to celebrate but rather to create problems out of thin air.
Making up problems is a luxury afforded us only by our success. The poor in the United States are some of the richest people to ever live. To distract from this fact, brought to us by capitalism, our progressive friends focus on the differences between what some possess compared to others.

Well, it appears that the bad publicity and damage to morale caused by this idiocy were determined by the chief politicians-in-uniform to be bad enough that they backed off.

The same politicians-in-uniform will make sure to mark him as a troublemaker who won't kiss ass properly and ignore child rape by 'allies', and will probably see his career screwed with from now on.  The assholes WILL have their petty revenge for him causing them problems.

Why are we so understanding towards the crimes of Communism?
Because so many 'progressives' wish the Soviet Union had conquered Europe, and consider all the dead to be those eggs needed for the socialist omelet.  And sympathize with every communist government out there, not the victims.

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