Friday, April 29, 2016

This is the F-35; after all these years and God knows how many billions...

According to the USAF, the troubled fighter cannot use gas from standard green colored USAF fuel trucks if it has been sitting in the sun. Considering that these jets will most likely find themselves operating in the desert or in somewhere in the scorching Pacific, this is a big problem.
The current 'fix'?
Sadly, the answer for the F-35's fuel finicky conundrum, one of many heat related issues with the jets since their testing began, is being addressed outside of the F-35 aircraft itself, in the form of repainting standard USAF fuel trucks with bright white solar reflective paint.
And the next step?
This is the short-term goal to cool the fuel for the F-35; however, the long-term fix is to have parking shades for the refuelers."
Yeah.  These are going to fix the problem for a plane that's supposed to be able to work out of FOBs that don't have construction equipment and such. 

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