Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why various people in the FDA and Medicare should be deprived of oxygen,

because "If everyone can get it, the demand will be too much."
In 2011, the FDA approved a medical device to repair the heart using a catheter in the leg artery called the Sapien 3. The cost of the new valve is the same as cracking the chest, but has lower risks and is an easier procedure to perform. Medicare fears that more elderly patients will want their hearts repaired with this new technology, so strict coverage rules have been set in place.

For a patient to qualify for the new procedure, Medicare requires two cardiac surgeons to certify the patient cannot handle open-heart repair. A cardiothoracic surgeon and interventional cardiologist must also be present in the operating room during the procedure. This is very costly and limits procedures to large academic medical centers. The FDA has labeled the valves to require these restrictions.
Because better you have a more risky, more invasive procedure with more after-effects than get this one.  Because idiots are in charge.


0007 said...

No, better that those old drains die from complications rather than survive and pull more medi-care money from the system. After all that money could have paid several end-of-year bonuses...

Windy Wilson said...

And isn't this rationing by regulation?
Rationing the Leftists said could never happen, and
Regulation, the burden of which Leftists who wouldn't get in a position to have to make payroll on a dare uniformly refuse to see the burden of?

Firehand said...

That's exactly what it boils down to. They'll never admit it, and neither will the Obama fanboys.