Sunday, April 24, 2016

More wonders of the communist past in eastern Europe

Poland's president and government ministers attended the state burial Sunday of a World War II resistance commander and communist regime victim whose remains were found in a hidden mass grave.

The funeral at Warsaw's Powazki military cemetery was part of democratic Poland's efforts to remind the nation about facts and figures from the past that were taboo themes under decades of communism — for example, resistance against the regime and the persecution it was met with.
One of the victims was Col. Zygmunt Szendzielarz, codename "Lupaszka," who was executed in a Warsaw prison in 1951, aged 41. An officer of a mounted regiment, he fought against the Nazi German and Soviet invasion in September 1939 and later led an underground resistance movement.

He continued his fight for Poland's sovereignty after communism was imposed on Poland in 1945. Secret security agents arrested him in 1948 and he was given a death sentence.
But communism and socialism is actually great.  Just wasn't given a real try.  Wasn't done right.  Etc.

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