Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I have some hope that if the sun comes out

it might help get over this cough.  Hopefully.  I'd planned/hoped to hit the range today, but I doubt powder smoke and the damp out there would be good for this.

The example of feminist bullshit for this morning:
DOES SHE HAVE INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION FOR THIS CLAIM? Michelle Obama: I’ve Been Victimized By Sexism – Men Used To Whistle At Me! (For extra frosting on the idiocy cake note she said this in ARGENTINA. The lack of understanding of Latin cultures this betrays might actually form a black hole* that sucks our entire universe into it. You have been warned.) 

'Higher' Education:
Note that he needs help with the paper because if he doesn’t pass his gender studies class he won’t graduate. How could that be, you ask? Turns out, the College of Letters and Sciences at UCLA has, along with its other requirements like writing and a foreign language, a “diversity requirement,” which is “intended to help students better understand the perspectives of others whose histories, experiences, cultures, and social conditions may differ from their own.”

The list of faculty-approved classes that satisfy this requirement include the usual suspects like “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies,” the “Gender Studies” course that’s giving our Bel Air man so much trouble, and feel-good favorites like “World Arts and Cultures.” But the list also includes classes like “Disability Studies,” “Labor and Workplace Studies,” “Urban Planning,” and “Ethnomusicology.” At least one class from the list, remember, is required for graduation.

Working at the Veterans Administration apparently means 'Nothing keeps you from getting a paycheck.'(unless you're a whistleblower, then you're screwed).
“Why in the world would someone who has been convicted of armed robbery still be working at Veterans Affairs?” Miller asked.

“Okay. Well, hard for me to answer that right now, so, I think we owe you an answer,” Shulkin replied, apparently stunned.

Also on Tuesday, Shulkin told the committee that a chief of staff who had improperly prescribed controlled substances as favors to friends had been “removed from that role.” But when pressed, he conceded that she was still working at the VA and was now in charge of quality control.
'Apparently stunned' means either he's incompetent, or he's another lying bastard stunned that he got caught.

And the answer is "She's in a union, so she can get away with anything and keep the job, no matter what."

And that's about all the anything I can do for now

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Those whistles she heard were probably from people calling for their dogs.