Sunday, April 17, 2016

Well, from the way it's raining I'm figuring the outdoor range

will be out for most of the week.  Maybe all, since I have no waders for getting to and from the target lines.  So dry-fire it is.  Maybe the indoor range in a day or two.

I've tried to be good on the dry-fire the past while, and I can tell the difference from when I don't.  It also helps work and stretch the shoulder, which has healed up nicely from surgery, but still needs some work, primarily on some motions and some uses of the arm; so dry-fire helps both that and my shooting.

There's one muscle in the upper arm, below the shoulder, that still tells me it's not happy at times about matters, especially shooting a pistol one-handed.  I'd mentioned it to the PT when was still seeing her, being worried that it was something indicating damage; no, it's commonly affected by the surgery and needs exercise and stretching. 

Couple of folks have commented on this, and I'm going to reinforce it: you have surgery on a joint, do NOT sluff off on the exercises, and if at all possible see the therapist regularly; if you don't work it it will not return to former usefulness.  Especially at first it can hurt some, and it's definitely not comfortable, but put up with it; it's worth it in the long run.

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