Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Under the heading "Things that do not inspire confidence",

But, and there is no putting it nicely, deliberate fraud is far more widespread than the scientific establishment is generally willing to admit. One way we know that there’s a great deal of fraud occurring is that if you phrase your question the right way, ­scientists will confess to it.
And people who yell about this tend to be classes- especially by the people caught and their associates- as 'anti-intellectual'.  Because it's a lot easier to do that than to actually clean things up.

Yes, communists lie.  And cover up.  Because 'For The Party' trumps all.

Historical statement: "Awright, ye bloody Eyeties, bugger off before we get pissed!"  However you say that in Pictish and Gaelic.

I shall now be off, to attend to the headache being caused by the bloody cough that randomly pops up and seems to be trying to change the location of my lungs to external.

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