Thursday, April 21, 2016

Riley Siva needs to be told to check his privilege;

he thinks he's entitled to vandalize property under the heading of 'improving the community', how much more privileged can he believe he is?
...Siva told police he considered the Trump sticker on the bumper of a Ford Focus in Gig Harbor a hate symbol, and he was “improving the community” by slashing the car’s tires and pouring yogurt into the sunroof, causing an estimated $5,000 in damage.
Hope the owner sues him for full damages, and annoyance, and anything else that can be tacked on.

Yes, Sanders is a damned liar.  And a hypocrite.  He's a socialist, you expect better of him?

Of course, there is also the factor that he's apparently dumb as the proverbial bag of hammers; we have to consider that he may be actually flat-out stupid.

We are in deep shit when the balloon goes up, and people like Brig. General Christopher Short are a big reason why.
He said he does not know why the number of applicants is shrinking.
“If you have insights on why we are not getting the number of traditional applicants, I’d love to hear,” he said. “The challenge cuts across many [aircraft types] on the team, so I think it is a reflection of a slightly tired force — but there may be other factors I’m missing. I would really appreciate your help.” Wow. Read that again. He is insulting the talent that is offered his way as a way to ham-handedly cover the openly discriminatory policy direction he is going.

And he wonders why few people would want to be on his team?
God help the Air Force, and us.

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