Sunday, December 13, 2015

From the socialists and communists at Daily Kos: not only do they want your guns,

if you don't meet their specs in the matter of them stealing them, they want you in a camp.  Or dead(get the feeling they'd prefer dead).

It ALWAYS comes down to camps and death squads with these people, doesn't it?
Step 2:
Federalize (“second”) the National Guard of the respective states.  Just as we could send them to war in Iraq, we can deploy them as deputized federal agents. One BATFE agent to 3 or 4 guardsmen.

Step 3:
Go door-to-door with your list of gun purchasers, and get access to the guns.  A massive VIPR-like sweep.
No gun? Where is it?
Who has it? Where’s the paperwork?  No gun, no paperwork?
You’re coming with us… the weather in Cuba is fine.
Sadly, it appears the nationwide cell phone network is down, unless you’re using a government contract cell phone.
Yes, surprise is key.
Oh, by the way… you have ID don’t you?  Born here?  Let’s run that ID.
So… you’re here on a visa, that expired in 2003.
You’re coming with us, the weather in Minot, North Dakota is fine.

There’s your required quid pro quo to the Republicans.

Apparently, the people who scream at the idea of real screening for immigrants from troublesome parts of the world, and insist all illegal aliens be made into citizens overnight, are willing to throw them under the bus if it'll help them steal firearms.  Wonderful people, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Porgressives: only in the oncological sense. And this is what's expressed in the open, we can only wait for the machinations of the next Leland Yee.
Either they're ignorant to inevitable atrocity of citizen disarmement, or they're complicit.
Note the repeated "white male" tropes.
Seriously, I don't know how you parse their agitprop without antiemetics.

Good Yule.

Anonymous said...

Link back to DK no worky.

Here it is again: