Friday, December 18, 2015

According to the doc and therapists, average time range from surgery

to shoulder being back to normal strength and range varies from six months to a year.  I'm hoping to make it the six-months level.  Because the restrictions are a pain.

Which beats hell out of the not-that-long-ago "Your shoulder is messed up.  Take aspirin, and live with it."  Before that, no aspirin.  Anybody who claims progress has no good points is a damned fool.

Speaking of- well, he's not a damned fool, he's a slimy bastard.  Another one in higher education:
We brought you the story of Morgan State University assistant professor Lawrence Brown last night. Brown said that white allies should either deposit their ‘unearned wealth’ into black people’s accounts, or jump between black people and police. White allies refers to white people who would march or support his activist cause.

Guess who has helped bankroll the efforts of Prof. Brown? I mean in addition to the taxpayers who are paying his salary.
George Soros. 

How many Africans were brought to North America as slaves?  About 450,000.  That's it.  Despite all the screaming and accusations, a helluva lot more went to Central and South America.

'Global Warming' my ass.

Wonder if these idiots realize just how loaded this is?
Really?  Yellow stars?  You dickheads.


Arthur said...

Yellow Muslim stars?

As long as the ones proudly wearing them get a free boxcar ride to the showers
I guess I don't see a problem.

If they want to play the game then they should play it all the way to the end.

Firehand said...

Someone pointed out it might get interesting when some strict Muslim gets excited about Muslims wearing 'Jew' stars.