Saturday, December 19, 2015

What the HELL is it with some cops and killing dogs?

And this one lied about it for a few days on top of that.

Probably the same kind who considers a police dog a member of the force, if you somehow injure it will prosecute you just like you'd injured a human, it dies it'll get a full police funeral, but YOUR dog is just a problem to be disposed of.

How much you want to bet that at least some of these changes(like 'steamed instead of fried') came about because the health police demanded it? 

Of course they did; Professional Journalists generally do cover for each other and The Lightbringer.
The major broadcast networks on Friday morning and evening showed no interest in reporting to viewers that The New York Times had scrubbed from an article on its website that contained a quote from President Obama telling columnists that he did not watch enough news coverage of the Paris and San Bernardino terror attacks to truly grasp the anxiety of the American people.

Hey, Maryland, enjoy losing all those jobs and tax money because O'Malley and the other bigots and control freaks drove them out.

Next time someone starts that "If you can't fly" bullshit, point them to this.  As ONE example of that list being used to screw people.

I've taken to using 'Berntards' for Sanders supporters because enough of them have turned out to be exactly that.  And because this is true:
But the second thing to take away from it?  None of this will matter in tomorrow’s debate.  Bernie Sanders can have the campaign accuse the DNC of being in the tank for Clinton all he likes; and Sanders probably likes doing that a good deal.  But there’s no way that Bernie Sanders will look Hillary Clinton in the eye and say You are standing by and doing nothing while your lickspittle sycophants and toadies are busily abusing their positions.  This entire process is a farce, and you are a coward and a weakling for enabling it.  Bernie Sanders will never, ever say that to Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that he so obviously is thinking it, for a very simple reason: Bernie Sanders is afraid of what Hillary Clinton will do to him afterward.
PS: If you’ve given money to Bernie Sanders, rest assured: you’ll be hearing from Hillary Clinton, once she’s gotten the nomination. Bernie Sanders will hand over his lists without a murmur. Also: you’ll be expected to max out! …Because only dirty misogynists wouldn’t give Hillary Clinton money.  You’re not a dirty misogynist, are you? Of course you’re not… which is why you’re going to give Hillary Clinton your money. Convenient how that works out, yes?

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Anonymous said...

Only the most miserable parts of Hell should be reserved for those who would kill a pup in such fashion.