Thursday, December 17, 2015

Argument about matters? Fine.

Disagreement, no problem.  However.

I am sick to bloody death of being accused of not caring if children are killed, single mothers and kids starve, nobody else gets health care, and every other God-damned sin in the leftist manual, because I don't have a 'D' on my voter registration.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly DON'T care who kills who in the "hood" or how many hood rats or their children starve. I don't care how anyone on the left "feels" about ANYTHING. I don't care how "safe" they feel. I don't care what they want, what they like, or what color their teddy bears are. No more compromise , no more tolerance, no more silence. Black lives don't matter. Islam has nothing to do with peace. Obama is not an American citizen , and everybody in government knows it, Mexicans are not citizens, and schools are no longer about education. We now have the most corrupt and evil police state in human history blooming right in our faces, yet we choose to pretend that "voting" in a de facto one party system can fix things, and that a con man from New York with a dead rodent on his head can make it all better. We have become the shame of our ancestors. Stupid lazy and ignorant, wallowing in greed and false piety. The American people have renounced reason and grown so soft and lazy that not even a war time draft could raise an effective army. The only hope we have left are a few, mostly old men ,with rifles, and little else but hope, who may or may not do anything in time to "save" anyone. It is time to cleanse this nation, with fire and sword if needs be. It is time to admit that the left and the "UN browns" want us ALL DEAD, and are willing to do or say anything to attain that goal. PC = DEATH and its long passed time to stop being afraid of idiots and two legged animals and fight back.----Ray