Monday, November 23, 2015

Small improvements

Tam has a piece on what she considers the only two needed mods to the Generation 3 Glocks.  Which reminded me of some personal history:
First pistol I bought for CCW was a Kimber Officer's Model 1911*.  It had an extended thumb safety, and a standard slide lock and magazine release.  Shot great, and one day I mentioned to a guy who worked at the range that I wanted to put on an extended slide lock(at that time I was still naive enough to believe what I read in the gun rags, and didn't yet know how they got that name).  He said "Don't do that.  Just practice with it.  Put that extended on a carry pistol, and that's one more thing that can hang-up on stuff or get bumped at a bad time."

Thought about that a while, and decided he had the right idea.  The stock lock stayed. 

That caused me, when considering some reading insisting I needed a extended magazine release, to decide "I don't think so."  Never regretted that decision.

Sometimes there are mods that are actually needed, like sights and/or a better mag release; the others are much like some fishing lures which are designed to catch fishermen more than fish.

*This was shortly before their prices went way up, and quite a while before their QC went down.

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KM said...

The EXTENDED, MONGO OVERSIZED mag releases are a no-go for me on a 1911.
A SLIGHTLY extended one though, often labeled "tactical", is a joy to use on a carry gun and doesn't deploy your mag when you don't want it to.
I like the Nowlin I got from Brownell's.(true drop in)
The Ed Brown actually feels better but mine needs to be fitted.