Saturday, November 28, 2015

When the .gov controls your health care,

the people in charge don't give a rats ass about YOU.  Just their numbers.
The administration wants to penalize doctors who routinely order the PSA blood test. Under a proposed policy, those doctors will get demerits for being considered over-spenders, while doctors who skip the test will be rewarded with a high “quality” rating from the government — and be paid more.

The Obama administration claims less care is better. That’s double-talk. An editorial in the current issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association points to a sudden, disturbing drop in prostate-cancer detection since 2011, when the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommended against using this simple test.
Not just men they don't care about, either.
In truth, the Obama administration is more concerned with cutting care than preventing cancer deaths. Guided by that warped philosophy, the task force told women in their 40s not to get mammograms, and advised women 50 and over to settle for a mammogram every two years, instead of annually.

The task force’s crass calculation was that 1,900 women in their 40s have to be screened to save one life. Not worth it, they said.

Never forget, their numbers include "How many people no longer useful(in our estimation) can we get rid of by just not treating them?"

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Phelps said...

This is one I'm not worked up about. Let's face it, prostate cancer is the "African Women's Studies" of cancers. Sure, it's cancer, but just barely.

The survival rate at 10 years for early detection is 95%. The survival rate at 10 years for late detection is... 95%. Early detection just doesn't matter with prostate cancer. It's slow, slow growing and rarely metastasizes beyond the immediate area -- where it is STILL slow growing.

If you detect prostate cancer at any point before your doctor asks you, "gee, you haven't been able to piss for two years, didn't you think that orange you had growing up your ass might have had something to do with it?" you are treatable, and the outcomes are exactly the same.

In fact, a lot of the time, "stop worrying about it" is the best treatment. Surgical results are horrible (remember Acidman?) and are often overkill. Most men with prostate cancer die of something else before the cancer has had time to do anything to them.

Don't worry about PSA tests and worry more about your A1C test -- it's a lot bigger problem for 99% of the population. (And then ignore your doctor's advice based on what Medical Politicians say, and stop eating sugar, stop eating carbs, and eat lots of fat. Your A1C will go back to normal.)