Monday, November 23, 2015

From the European Agenda on Security facebook page, emphasis mine:

We are proposing to ban the acquisition of the most dangerous semi-automatic weapons by private persons. The remaining semi-automatic firearms used for hunting or sport shooting can still be owned by private persons subject to authorisation.
AND OF COURSE WE DO NOT THINK THAT THIS WILL STOP TERRORIST but it is an important step in our EU Agenda on Security.

"No, this won't bother the terrorists, but we need better controls over you troublesome peasants."
Link found here at UK Shooting News, and here's the Facebook page the control freaks use to tell the commoners they ought to behave themselves and stop being troublesome.
It's very instructive: "Yes, we know this won't stop terrorists, but we want more controls over what you'll be allowed to own, so stop causing problems and annoying us."

It's a promising sign how many people are telling them, in more polite terms, "You're full of shit, and we know it."

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