Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This is how crooked federal employees are punished

Roughly a week after she was demoted for unethical and possibly criminal behavior, a senior executive with the Veterans Benefits Administration has been named the assistant director of the Phoenix Regional Benefits office.
If you're good little ATF brass and agents who help violate an international border, arm drug cartels, and get literally God-only-knows how many people killed, and lie under oath and such, your punishment is getting to retire with full benefits.  Except for all the others, who just transferred.  If you're a Secret Service agent who violates federal law, we're told you may get some days suspension(anybody heard if that's actually happened as yet?).  If you're in the IRS and violate laws and regs, the Justice Department says "No, not worth prosecuting."

And these assholes wonder why nobody trusts them, or believes them.

Speaking of anal orifices, we have MoveOn and Clinton:
...Hillary becomes the Occupy in Occupy Wall Street, despite the Clintons having accepted more than $35 million in speaking fees from the financial industry over the past 14 years. Team Hillary couldn’t pander enough to progressives over the past several months, as long as they felt threatened by those challenges.

Now that Hillary looks like she can cruise to the nomination, all of a sudden progressive groups can’t get on her busy schedule. And not just any progressive group, mind you, but the one that originally formed to defend her husband:
And what's one of the things "Bush LIED us into war!" Hillary is saying?
“ endorsed [Sen. Barack Obama] — which is like a gusher of money that never seems to slow down,” Clinton said to a meeting of donors. “We have been less successful in caucuses because it brings out the activist base of the Democratic Party. MoveOn didn’t even want us to go into Afghanistan. I mean, that’s what we’re dealing with.
Wonder how the communists feel about being crapped on this way?

Why aren't they yelling?  Because this shooting doesn't fit the Preferred Narrative.

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