Saturday, November 07, 2015

"...and argue that modern college students have become overly coddled."

The students in question aren't just overly-coddled, they're nasty, vicious, unstable brats.

Well, there are two choices: as INsty pointed out, a lot of these people seem too delicate, too high-strung, to be allowed in public places where a single word or image can trigger their brains to short-circuit, so maybe a nice asylum...
The other is the Michael Williamson method of response.  I favor it.

What, the admitted socialist is a hypocritical bastard?  You surprised?

And yet they still cannot keep their mouths shut...


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Bradley said...

I would no longer look to Mike Z as a voice of reason on just about anything.

I was talking with him on face book, about a questionable police shooting, questionable in the fact that the anti-cop page said the police officer committed cold blooded murder(at least to me they also implied that it was premeditated), where as the Grand Jury and the court system said the office acted with in the rules of the department and the law for justifiable self defense.

Sadly Mike Z response to asking a questions or pointing out that what could be see from two points of view was to use vulgarity. No attempt at any time was made my Mike to even acknowledge that a different point of view was possible, just to restate his point that did not address the questions asked, and to start calling people names.

I would expect better from a writer.