Thursday, November 05, 2015

In other words, be prepared for lots more 'lone wolf' attacks

from rabid adherents of the Religeon of Submission.

It'll be interesting watching the terminally PC try to spin these people as rightwing haters.  Or somehow justified.  And all the other crap they spew to try to excuse protected species.

No, it's not cetain; would it surprise you in the least if it's true?

And it means the chance of knife/axe attacks anywhere, anytime.

Which also means look for th hoplophobes to denounce the common ownership of cutting tools(which should be 'left to experts', etc.)

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skidmark said...

Local top cop ran down a partial inventory of stuff in his backpack: Things you would consider essential for a picnic lunch such as flex-tie handcuffs, duct tape, 2 plastic bags filled with petroleum jelly (too early to indict Vaseline as opposed to some generic).

And to think this all could have been averted by a hug and a walk together to the Student Union to get a hot chocolate and biscotti.

stay safe.