Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Boy, those tea party racists will be surprised

when they notice that the new Lt. Governor is black

Or so the leftists will say.  Or they'll call her a race traitor, or something.

So the new SF sheriff is just as much a sanctuary-city asshole,but doesn't have as much baggage.
You'd expect SF to elect anything else?

This should get Blair another mention as a horrible hater, etc.
If New Yorkers want their beaches to be covered in dead bodies, they’re more than welcome to put in place the appropriate asylum seeker lures. Over here in Australia we prefer to keep our territorial waters corpse free, thank you very much. We just think they’re nicer that way.

Australians also enjoy having a functioning economy, with lots of jobs and investment. It’s worked pretty well for us over the past 200 or so years, and will probably continue to do so – unless we allow the United Nations to bully us into sabotaging our own major industries.

And that's the amount of typing I can do for this morning.  Though I will throw in this: 2,000+ yard shot with a K31

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