Thursday, October 15, 2015

Well, Dear Leader has always thought he's the smartest human on the planet,

with plenty of sycophants(and probably a couple of puppet-masters) telling him he is, so this isn't exactly a surprise.
This pervasive contempt for the views of others is one of the President’s greatest weaknesses and least attractive traits. Inevitably, it percolates throughout his Administration and prevails in particular at the White House.
Tends to show through when he's unable to shove something through: "Don't you peasants understand my genius?  You should be thanking me for lowering myself to tell you how to live!"  Etc.

Not only are their efforts pointless—if Obama is his own strategist, why should he listen to you, foolish or wicked veterans of the Bush Administration?—they are misguided. One can only judge a policy on its implementation, and although a no-fly zone conceived by a tough-minded Commander in Chief and implemented by Bob Gates might be just the thing, a no-fly zone put into place by the President who brought you vanishing red lines, a botched withdrawal from Iraq, the reset with Russia that wasn’t, repeated groveling apologies for the inevitable accidents of war, and much else, could be a debacle.
After which he'll- again- tell us "It wasn't MY idea, so it's not MY fault this is falling apart!"

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Anonymous said...

Obama is done.

The democrats are going to use him like a trucker bomb - dump all of the crap lefty policies have created and say "IT WAS ALL HIM WHAT DONE IT!!" Otherwise the rest of the lefty a-holes pushing the exact same policies would have uncomfortable questions to answer.

The trick is to do it without losing the black voters. Which is probably why everyone is so desperate for amnesty.