Monday, August 10, 2015

While on the subject of not trusting cops,

Starting today, gun dealers are seeing a new interface on their computer screens when they log in to conduct a background check on a gun sale. Now there is a box they can check for “Private Party Through Dealer.”  While not fully functional, it is clear that the Oregon State Police plan to demand, and database, personal information on the seller, or transferor, of the firearm.
Nowhere in the Prozanski/ Hoyle bill is any of this data mining authorized.  But hey, if you are creating a gun owner database you want all gun owners, not just people who are receiving guns.
No, the Oregon State Cops didn't write the bill; they are running this crap.  And exceeding their legal authority. 

And they want to be trusted?

Yes, Miss Watson, Planned Parenthood IS selling body parts, you nasty bitch.
And we know.

But I bet they're real big on 'having a dialogue'.
At least as long as you agree with them on everything.
When National Association of Scholars research associate Rachelle Peterson recently attempted to interview a Harvard professor who is part of the university’s divestment movement, he told her he advocated something close to an “affirmative consent” standard for speech.

Professor James Recht suggested that “before engaging in a conversation, both parties should disclose their political leanings and decide whether they are compatible enough for the conversation before they consent to proceed,” Peterson told The College Fix.

Suffice it to say, he hung up the phone in the middle of their conversation.

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Unknown said...

In the paper here in Oregon they said it wasn't going to be enforced. Hmmmm Yeahhhhh We'll see when they come check the inventory and books. Libs goal it to disarm us 2nd amendment people even though 90% of the crimes involving weapons weren't for legal purchases.