Friday, August 14, 2015

It's looking more and more like Waco PD & Co.

may have really screwed up.
The nine died as a result of one or more bullet wounds, but ballistics reports are not included with the autopsy reports.
The newly released reports do not indicate who killed which men, and most references to bullets refer to projectiles ranging in size from small to large. Gunshot residue kits were submitted for each of the nine killed.
Add this to all the other delays, and secrecy, and other BS, and it's looking worse.

This has been a mess from moment one.  Like the news stuff about "This manager actually WANTED all these biker gangs around!"  Do these people not know how many places have a Bike Night and such?  Do they have any idea how many biker groups there are that have not a damn thing to do with the Angels or Bandidos or whoever?  For that matter, do they care?

And the "Let's insist that ALL these people are gang members!" crap from the LE hasn't helped.


Anonymous said...

What in texas they wet their panties at a poker run>

Firehand said...

One of the things that started me wondering "What the hell's going on?" was all the media crap about "The manager actually ENCOURAGED these people to show up!" I was thinking "Have these people never heard of a 'Bike Night'?"

Either they didn't, or the narrative had been set.