Friday, August 14, 2015

THIS is unpossible; there WERE no Iraqi chemical weapons plants!

All the smart people say so!
The Pentagon said the report of the chemical weapons use was “credible” and the agent is believed to be mustard gas. “ISIS is a group that has demonstrated time and again its willingness to stop at nothing,” an anonymous official told CBS News. “This is further evidence of that.”
This spring, the Kurdish government informed its allies that Peshmerga forces were attacked with chlorine gas. Late last year, ISIS repotedly seized an Iraqi chemical weapons factory with about 2,500 rockets, containing the deadly nerve agent Sarin.

That's what I've been wondering about:
As of now, Clinton’s best defense is that she only passively received classified e-mails — as opposed to having sent, forwarded, or deleted them — and that she is thus not in violation of USC 18 793(f). But if she handed over a server full of classified information and then actively copied that information onto computers owned by a commercial provider — a clear violation of both the “communicates, delivers, transmits or causes to be communicated” and “fails to deliver” clauses in USC 18 793(e) — that defense becomes horribly moot.
If I were that company I'd be trying very hard to prove I had zero idea what was on the Clinton server.

Oh, crap, just ran across this:
The Internet company used by Hillary Clinton to maintain her private server was sued for stealing dozens of phone lines including some which were used by the White House.

Platte River Networks is said to have illegally accessed the master database for all US phone numbers.

It also seized 390 lines in a move that created chaos across the US government.
Just the kind of ethical company you'd expect Hillary! to be associated with.

Ah, those lovely illegal aliens, abusing the children Americans don't, and getting away with it.


Pawpaw said...

Completely un-possible. Bush lied, etc, etc.

KM said...

Re: Hillary - I wouldn't expect her to be associated with a company like this.

I'd expect her to own stock in it.

Tom Stedham said...

The site containing nerve agent is ancient, dating from before the first Gulf War. We've known about it forever, and it was not part of the Bush claim of an active Iraqi chemical weapons program.
"U.S. Defence Department spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said earlier that the United States' best understanding was that 'whatever material was kept there is pretty old and not likely to be able to be accessed or used against anyone right now'.
'We aren't viewing this particular site and their holding it as a major issue at this point,' Kirby said. 'Should they even be able to access the materials, frankly, it would likely be more of a threat to them than anyone else.'"

Read more:

skidmark said...

[quote]“The truth is, if we had any legal right to hold him, we would, because of the concern that, not being a U.S. citizen, he will bail out and flee the country and flee prosecution,” said Parkinson, who suspects Chavez may have already fled the county.[/quote]

Then why was he allowed bail in the first place? Seems to me this ICE warrant crap is just that.

stay safe.