Friday, July 03, 2015

Remember the National Park Service?

Clowns who, during the shutdown, spent money closing OPEN-AIR memorials?  Blocking scenic turnouts on highways?  Holding tourists in parks under guard so they wouldn't look at things and recreate without PS permission?  All with money they claimed they didn't have?
The Confederate flag is no longer flying over Fort Sumter.

The National Park Service said the flag, along with other historic replicas, was taken down last week in the wake of the Charleston church shooting when Gov. Nikki Haley ordered the American flag lowered to half-staff.

Officials with Fort Sumter say the flag will not be going back up.

They also say they have decided to remove Confederate flag items from the fort’s gift shop.
"Screw history, it might offend someone."

Let's all remember this next time these clowns start asking for more money.

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