Thursday, July 02, 2015

If you start with "Obama doesn't want to have to deal with ISIS, and really

doesn't want them degraded and destroyed, and wants to claim Iraq as a win for the administration, this makes perfect sense.

The Kurds actually want to win, the current Iraq government would rather see the Kurds all dead because then there wouldn't be a Kurdistan problem, the Turk government also would like the Kurds smashed, so if you screw around and let ISIS kill or degrade the Kurds enough, you make the Iraqi and Turk governments happy.  And since the Turk PM loves the Muslim Brotherhood, making him happy also makes Obama happy.  Etc.


SordidPanda said...

The more plausible explanation is that Turkey, a NATO member, doesn't feel good about a heavily armed Kurdish force on its borders, and Turkey threatened to use Article 5 Veto power on some other security situation affecting NATO (read Russia) if the Kurds were armed by American allies.

Firehand said...

Could be