Friday, July 03, 2015

Must've been a moment

The scrapbook made its way to Elisabeth Maxwell , the Holocaust scholar and wife of newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell. Soon Mr. Winton found himself featured in British newspapers and on the BBC television program “That’s Life!” 

“May I ask, is there anyone in our audience tonight who owes their life to Nicholas Winton?” the host, Esther Rantzen, inquired. “If so, could you stand up, please?” 

To Mr. Winton’s shock, everyone around him rose.

And while everyone's talking about flags and same-sex marriage,
“Two weeks ago, I traveled to eastern Ukraine and visited with the Dnipro-1 volunteer regiment, where I was shown and briefed on new video footage captured by a Ukrainian drone, which shows Russia’s continued buildup of tanks, armored vehicles, rocket launchers, and military personnel inside Ukraine. This new evidence, now public, further demonstrates that the ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine is fiction, and that Russia is deepening its military involvement in Ukraine."
The secret messages, via an envoy sent by the Sultan of Oman, also included a request to blacklist opposition groups hostile to Iran and increase U.S. visas for Iranian students, according to officials familiar with the matter. The U.S. eventually acceded to some of the requests, these officials said, including help with the release of four Iranians detained in the U.S. and U.K.: two convicted arms smugglers, a retired senior diplomat and a prominent scientist convicted of illegal exports to Iran.

The exchanges through 2013 helped build the foundation for the first direct talks between the two nations since the 1979 Islamic revolution, current and former U.S. officials involved in the diplomacy said.
What is worse, ISIS has now struck multiple times across wide geographical distances. It is hitting police stations, intelligence agencies and military targets in a calculated campaign to blind and humiliate the West. Once they take out law enforcement and inteligence they take out the state. Intel hasn’t seemed to pick it up in time to warn the targets, which is worrying since they have every incentive to defend themselves.

The depth of the crisis is reflected in the fact that British parliament is considering air strikes in Syria in response to the massacre of British tourists in Tunisia. Downing Street has called up a “Dad’s Army”, consisting of retired police snipers and operatives, to meet the threat of an ISIS attack on Britain.

Wonder if, in years to come, some of these idiots thought "We really shouldn't have done that to him?"
On January 29, 1774, Franklin appeared before the Privy Council, advisors to the king, which humiliated him.

That may have cost Britain her colonies, for Dr. Franklin went into that meeting an Englishman who was loyal to the crown. But he emerged from that meeting with the realization that he was an American. His decision to declare independence came a full two years before the formal declaration by the Continental Congress, which he edited.

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