Monday, June 29, 2015

For all of their profound differences, the Islamic State and the Left

have one purpose in common: They want to wipe out history so they can write it anew to support their utopias, the perfected societies of their inhuman fantasies.
Islamist State sledgehammers smash off the faces of classical-era statues. Our Left wants to remove Founding Fathers and others from our currency to replace them with minor figures that suit their agenda. Both actions are about mastering the past to control the future.
Pretty much.

Yes, still here.  Right now don't really give a crap about much, combination of tired and sick of it all.

One of the reasons for the sick: occurs to me that if the ISIS/ al Queda types stage a/some attacks over the 4th weekend, the Usual Suspects will insist that terrorists planning mass murder would be stopped 'if ONLY we'd passed common-sense gun-safety laws!'  And some of them will be stupid enough to actually believe it.

Same kind of idiots who've written crap like this, and then insist that gun owners are violent, nasty people who want- well, you know the drill.  Add in the CSGV thinking people being put into camps is just fine 'as long as it's done Constitutionally'.  Because you can somehow do something about it in court.  Years or decades later.  If you're still alive.

Bleah.  I need to water the garden, and do some other things to clean my brain out.

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