Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sodom on the Potomac and Chief Lanier:

If you're not rich and connected, screw you peasants, you can't have a permit.

Lanier, you might remember, wanted to let Gregory get away with having an illegal magazine in DC.  And did nothing to prevent Feinstein & Co. bringing in illegal 'assault weapons' for a dog & pony show.  But be a commoner in fear for your life, well, you don't count.

Mr. VanDiver, you can kiss my ass.

And as to your " I SERVED in the NAVY!" as your claim to authority, here's my response: I give John McCain the respect he earned for his service; that does not mean he gets a pass for the crap he's done as a politician.  If I don't give him a pass, or defer to him because of his service, why the hell would I do it for you?

And that "I want to trash part of the Constitution FOR THE CHILDREN!" crap stinks even worse now than it used to.

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genericviews said...

Screw you peasants.

Same thing for demonstration permits. Millionman march, Occupy and Ferguson protestors do need no stinking permits. (as if they could get one if they openly stated thay would block traffic on bridges and main streets during rush hour). But be a conservative group, you have to check all the blocks: Extra fees for police, fire, and cleaneup. Portajohns (from a licensed insider source), etc. And if it looks like there might be a counter protest, you get your permit cancelled... for public safety.