Monday, December 15, 2014

Kind of like clockwork: hostage situation involving muslim terrorists,

and the warning from 'experts'?
Racist attacks targeting Australia’s Muslim community are “quite likely” in response to the unfolding hostage crisis at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in central Sydney, a terrorism expert says.
Ben Rich, a researcher into political violence at Monash University’s School of Social Sciences, said some Australian Muslims could face reprisal due to the incident.

“I can’t say to what extent it’s going to be, but I’d say it’s quite likely,” Mr Rich told AAP.
Yep.  Still hostages being held, but the big problem is this.  Right.  Just like every other terrorist incident where we're warned about the 'racist' attacks against whole communities sure to come that never materialize.

Stuff on the situation from Tim Blair.

And the guy in charge has been identified:
The 49-year-old man lives in southwest Sydney, but is originally from Iran and a self-proclaimed sheik, and also sent hate mail to the families of Australian dead soldiers between 2007 and 2009, according to The Daily Telegraph. 

The seige in the Lindt cafe in Martin Place on Monday follows an unsuccessful attempt to have these charges overturned in the High Court on Friday, The Age reported.


genericviews said...

Meanwhile, US Govt sends out warning about home grown terrorists who have nothing to do with Islam. Most likely middle aged white guys who are veterans and play computer games.

Anonymous said...

Well you do get an occasional moron who goes and beats up a Sikh. So, you know typical punish the innocent and excuse the guilty.