Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I notice these silly bastards weren't volunteering

to be one of the citizens deported to make room.
“Please sign our petition for President Obama to deport one American citizen, in exchange for one undocumented immigrant,” read the petition. “Everyone must be allowed a shot at the ‘American Dream.’ Americans should not be greedy. Let us right the wrongs of our past and make another’s dreams come true.”

“It makes sense,” one student told Campus Reform. “Like, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of like hatred against undocumented immigrants and it’s not necessarily their fault.”

A French troops' view of our guys in Afghanistan

So what DID music/singing sound like in Babylon?  This may well be close.  Music and language picked up from clay tablets and inferred from later known data... beautiful.  Just hope it's at least close.

Canada has problems with assholes with badges, too.  This pisses me off:
Watson refused to produce his notes from the case to the Special Investigation Unit, which declined to press charges against him.

“Our records show he came in for an interview but he would not provide his notes,” SIU spokesperson Jasbir Brar told the QMI Agency. “That is within his legal rights.”
So he comes in to the SIU of the department and says "Screw you, you can't see my notes", and no charges.  Isn't that just friggin' wonderful?  Wonder what kind of union agreement lets him get away with that?  And can she sue his ass off, at least?


Anonymous said...

Cool, so we can strip the citizenship from everyone who signed the petition and deport them. Win/Win!

Jamie NZ said...

Best I can do on such a short time frame

Call your mates!!!