Friday, October 17, 2014

Why does the NRA support these people?

Vermont State Senator Jean White, who has three consecutive A-ratings from the National Rifle Association, recently took money from a powerful anti-gun group in Vermont. Other top rated politicians in Vermont have also received smaller contributions from the group, Vermont Gun Sense. 

“I did take their contribution because I do basically support their position,” White said. “What I told them is that I do support some level of background checks.”
Wonderful, isn't it?

He won't even order serious action to whack ISIL, but President Lightbringer just authorized calling up reserves to fight ebola?
...I hereby determine that it is necessary to augment the active Armed Forces of the United States for the effective conduct of Operation United Assistance, which is providing support to civilian-led humanitarian assistance and consequence management support related to the Ebola virus disease outbreak
in West Africa
The troops currently in harms way with this are getting a whole FOUR HOURS of 'how to deal with ebola' training, and the Chief Asshole wants to add this in?  Just fucking wonderful, isn't it.

Add that to naming a Democrat Party hack as the 'ebola czar'
That Obama would appoint a long-time Democratic operative with zero public health or federal administrative experience tells us everything we need to know about how Obama views the Ebola panic: Ebola is a political problem for the White House, not a public health problem for the nation.

You don’t pick a former White House staffer to run a massive public health effort if you think you have a public health problem. You pick a former White House staffer if you view this as a political problem to be managed for the remaining weeks heading into the election.

Ace also has more on the clown who supposedly would already be in charge of this, but due to people finding out about the skeletons in the closet is in hiding, thus necessitating President McHopeyChangey to appoint ANOTHER hack to 'deal' with this.
And yeah, read to the end: The company who Lurie didn't favor makes a drug being used to treat ebola. Duncan was treated with it unsuccessfully, but other people were treated with it and lived.

Instead of funding an ebola cure, Lurie shepherded a flock of federal cash to a billionaire Democrat donor for a smallpox vaccine that "has not really panned out," as Hemingway reports.
More on the clown here.

More professionalism from the Secret Service:
In a letter to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Anderson claimed that a Secret Service agent asked a police sergeant to “wave a piece of paper” in order to “dupe” the suspect into thinking officers had a warrant.

Officers with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department did not comply with the request, according to the police chief. Police officers ultimately determined that Secret Service agents had no legal basis to enter the resident’s home and the suspect didn’t actually threaten anyone. Fortunately, the situation was resolved without incident and law enforcement left.

In a past letter to then-Secret Service Director Julia Pierson and Assistant Director A.T. Smith, Anderson explained that the incident could have “escalated into a serious and/or embarrassing situation for both of our agencies” if MNPD officers complied with the Secret Service “directive.”
“I realized that I was being told, in a polite manner, to mind my own affairs,” Anderson recalled.
Apparently that oath to the Constitution doesn't carry much water for the SS nowadays.

On a happier note, ran across an ammo site; take a look, see what you think

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