Thursday, October 16, 2014

The brace is off and the stitches out,

which is a great comfort.

Good: the incision is healing as it should.
Bad: you wouldn't believe how swollen my hand is*.  And I can tell it's going to take a while to work back to normal use of the right arm.
Shut up.  You know who I'm talking to.

Yes, I have some exercises to do, carefully.  Yes, I plan on doing them that way.  But tonight, I shall be able to floss my teeth; it will be glorious.

*No, no pictures.  Getting both hands in frame would be difficult, and the incision is covered with some "Just leave them until they come off" steri-strips, so you can't see it anyway.


Home on the Range said...

Hope you are feeing better soon.

Firehand said...

You and I both.

I can use both hands, so that's a great comfort. And flossing was wonderful.