Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yes, a knife or club will kill you just as dead

as a gun.  So will a car, or hands.  Kind of amazing how many don't understand that.

I'm not counting the slimy bastards who pretend they don't so as to make self-defenders look guilty of crime.

Where Great Britain used to be:
The National Union of Students has rejected a call to condemn militant group Isis on the grounds that the motion was “islamophobic”, in a move which has promoted campaigners to accuse the body of being in the “stranglehold” of divisive “identity politics”.
Divide & conquer bullshit.  Condemn ISIL, it means 'YOU HATE MUSLIMS!'  The stupid agree, and too many fear being called a racist*, so they won't fight it.

* I know; but it still works as a club for the progzis to beat people with.

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