Friday, October 17, 2014

Update on general conditions

Yes, I can floss; ain't easy, but I can.

Driving, well, I can but I'm not going to be slamming quickly through gears for a while.

One of the hardest things about driving?  Reaching the left hand over/through to turn the key; my right just won't rotate that way yet.

The exercises for the arm/hand?  It hurts.  Have to do it anyway, but damn.
And yes, Peter, I plan to do them religiously.  But not overdo.  I damn sure don't want to have to repeat any of this.

Not having to secure a trash bag over my arm and worry about getting the brace/wrappings wet is nice.  There's a set of strips over the incision 'to be left until they fall off in about a week.'  Assuming I can get the angle, I will regale you with a picture of it once that happens.

That hand is still swollen as hell; be a few days before it starts looking normal.

The Security Staff don't care, they just want their scratches.  And munchies.

And now I think I'll try the exercise again, and then bitch and moan a bit before cleaning up.  'Night, all

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