Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Things I'm reminded of by this arm

Typing one-handed sucks
Showering with a bag over your arm is awkward
Hard to reach some places
When you're used to wiping your butt with one hand, using the other is awkward
The sound of washing one hand: "DAMMIT!"
I had no left-hand holster
A self-loader would be easier to reload(still awkward), but the holster I was given works with a wheelgun; good thing I like them
Should one have a weak-side holster kept in reserve, just in case?
Yes, I try to do some weak-hand practice when at the range; this makes me glad I do
Paper plates can be wonderful

Unrelated, but want to mention: needed to order something from Primary Arms, and had a problem.  One e-mail and about an hour later, they fixed it.  Beats hell out of how Remington seems to do things. 
Makes me wish I had more money to spend at PA


Old 1811 said...

Your post is kinda unclear, but it appears to read that you were given a left-handed holster for a revolver, but only have right handed holster(s) for your autos.
If this is the case, try putting your right-handed holster on your left hip (like a crossdraw, but at 8 or 9 o'clock) and cavalry-draw with your left hand. With a little (empty-gun) practice, it words fairly well, and you will quickly learn to keep the muzzle pointed downward and not sweep anything when you rotate the gun.
I did that when I broke my right hand. Good luck.

Firehand said...

That is not a bad idea. Have to see if any of them would work that way