Monday, October 20, 2014

The last steri-strip just came off,

so here's the only selfie I plan on taking:
Nothing humongous, and not worth showing in public("Well, it's not a leopard bite but-"), but all mine.


Meryl said...

Man, you are one lucky fella. A little lower and you could have lacerated a branch of the brachial artery. Also near there is the ulnar nerve. Did you go buy a lottery ticket?

Firehand said...

No real worry there unless the surgeon was a fool. This was voluntary, they had to relocate said nerve.

And it damn well BETTER help...

KM said...

Propane tank explosion...go with that one! ;)

I hope your rehab goes faster than my shoulder surgery did. I'd rather go through another knee replacement than another shoulder fix.
Another month and you should be on your way to getting some real use out of it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, state of the art has come a long way. The army doc fileted my arm wide open for about 12 inches. The surgery was definitely worth it though. Pay attention to your physical terrorist err therapist and best of luck getting your life back to normal.

Ed C