Monday, October 20, 2014

'All women' my ass

And about what we'd expect from Giffords & Co.
Not only was the whereabouts of the meeting not announced until this morning but when the location was discovered and women who are for 2nd Amendment rights wanted to simply listen in on the conversation, they were kicked out of the meeting. Gifford’s group Americans for Responsible Solutions no longer announces where they will be pushing gun control on their website. 
Except Giffords wasn’t joined by all NH women leaders. There were no leaders from any women’s pro-2nd Amendment organizations invited. There were no NH women leaders from any of the gun owners’ organizations in the state. There were no women leaders from the Republican Party asked to the table and the very far left wing Zandra Rice Hawkins from Progress NH was invited.
Have to protect the echo chamber, y'know.  Far more important than, well, actually DISCUSSING anything.

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Dan said...

It's a shame she survived......we might need to hang her now to make sure her treason is ended.