Friday, October 24, 2014

So the CDC won't quarantine people coming back from there,

and this idiot wouldn't quarantine himself, so now this

Top Men, I tell you.

Dana Loesch writes a book defending the 2nd Amendment, and posed on the cover with a EBR.  Usual Suspects saw cover

and lost their shit.

Book comes out.  Repeat.  And they immediately try to trash it.  They REALLY hate it when women don't act and speak the way they're supposed to.

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Marja said...

So, now there is one nurse who went flying all over on commercial flights before that 21 days was gone, and then turned out to have gotten infected. And a doctor who traveled all over his city and went bowling before that 21 days was over, and turned out to be infected.

And also two male strippers who happened to be on the same flight with that nurse and voluntarily quarantined themselves for that 21 days.

When you can trust the common sense of a pair of strippers more than that of trained medical personnel... ugh.