Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In todays edition of "What the hell are you idiots doing with badges?"

we start with the Stockton CA PD:
Two other women were taken hostage as well, but were either thrown or jumped from the vehicle as it was speeding from police, both survived.
The beloved wife and mother was ultimately shot at least 10 times- not by the suspects, but by the police- 33 of them, who fired 600 rounds into the vehicle despite knowledge that it contained a hostage. Holt-Singh as well as two of the three suspects were killed in the barrage of bullets.
The department has defended its officers, saying they were worried the violence would escalate.
Really?  They had a freakin' nuke in the car?

Second, we go to Alpine TX, where Brewster County District Attorney Rod Ponton and the DEA both need to be removed from any position of authority.  And jailed for this idiocy.  And sued.  And Ponton disbarred.  The level of stupid and idiot in this... just freaking amazing.


Jeffersonian said...

Link for the first item?

Firehand said...

Fixed, sorry 'bout that