Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let's say you're a governor

You pushed for and signed a law that pissed-off a huge number of the population, including most of the sheriffs, and did this after colluding with one of the most big-name 'I want guns banned' people in the country.

And then you start saying things like this.

Brings up two questions: How the hell did Hickenlooper get elected, and why is anybody even considering voting for this lying idiot?

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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when millions of illegal aliens turn a red state blue. The Free Shit Army cares nothing for the Constitution, nothing for an ideal of limited government. They just want "el guëlfare," and they know that to keep the gravy train rolling along they have to go to the voting booth every two years and press the big shiny button with the "D" on it.

As I have said elsewhere, the Free Shit Army is well-fed and breeding like bacteria. Right now the numbers of welfare recipients, the perpetually aggrieved "urban yoots" and LGBTOMGWTFBBQ mob, the ecofascists, and the rest of the mutually loathing coalition of lunatics, degenerates, and criminal parasites that makes up that party--plus, of course, all the dead people in Chicago and as many absentee ballots from nonexistent people as they may perceive they need, are around 47% of the voting electorate. In any national election, Hillary, Governor Moonbeam, or someone worse is guaranteed no less than 47% of the popular vote. Hillary could preside over a Black Mass and sacrifice infants on live television and still be guaranteed 47% of the popular vote at an absolute minimum. What happened to Colorado is happening to the nation. We live in interesting times.