Friday, June 20, 2014

Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado: Leadership that doesn't know what the hell

it's leading.
One of my staff made the commitment that we would sign it it got passed. To be honest, no one in our office thought it would get through the legislature.

If we’d known it was going to divide the state so intensely, I think we probably would have thought about it twice…In the end, how important really was it?

After all the kerfuffle, I went back to try to get some facts we should have had at the beginning. They told me there are roughly 300,000 magazine that carry more than 15 rounds in the state of Colorado already…How’s a police enforcement officer going to tell which is the old one and which is the new one? How much of a difference is it gonna make if there are that many?
Y'know, idiot, it might've been a good idea to find out some of this stuff BEFORE you let some staffer make promises for you.  Of course, you were busy kissing Bloomberg's ass instead of listening to all those sheriffs telling you this was a bad idea.

Which is why you're trying to kiss up to the sheriffs now.

And what the hell is this "My staffer flapped his lips, so I'm committed" crap?

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