Tuesday, June 17, 2014

'New and Improved' Remington ammo test

Couple of days ago had to go by Wally World*, and just out of curiosity went by the ammo case, and Lo!  There were .22s there!  The 225-packs of Remington Golden Bullet, but still the first .22 I've seen in the wild in quite a while.  With 'New and Improved' on the side.

Well, they're far better than nothing, so got two boxes, and today tried them out best way I could think of, with the 15-22.

Reason?  I've mentioned it before, that sucker has eaten every brand/type of .22LR I've fed it except the Remington GB.  As in somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of the damn things wouldn't fit all the way into the chamber.  And that's from a couple of different boxes bought at different times.

So today I put fifty rounds through.  No misfires(a miracle there for Remington bulk-pack), no failures to feed, just bang-bang-bang.

Maybe Remington finally pulled their head out and started doing these right.

*As a guy I know puts it "Sometimes you gotta go to Wal-Mart."


Anonymous said...

Dare we ask how many $$$ you had to fork over for them?

Shane W said...

They need a new and improved customer service dept. I emailed them about a defect 6 days ago and haven't gotten a reply yet. As soon as I have some free time they're going to get an ear full!

Firehand said...

One of the good things about Wally World, standard price: about $12/box

emdfl said...

Doesn't work down here. Same bunch of people line up at the local wallystore early every Thursday morning and buy the three box limit until it's all gone; then off to the next gun-show to mark it up tp $50-70/box.

Firehand said...

Bunch of the same assholes here, too; like I said, this is the first I've found on the shelves in months