Friday, June 20, 2014

On the current "You're not anti-rapey enough!" noise,

a couple of things:
Michael Williamson has a good piece.  Which includes
If you don't believe most people regard rape as abhorrent and vile, don't bother reading further. Subjectivity and objectivity are awkward partners.

If you disagree with others on strategies for fighting rape, then we can have a discussion.  We probably should, because people seem to be talking past each other. I've largely stayed out of this, but as of late there are a lot of people with unsupportable concepts that don't rise to the level of hypothesis, much less theory, telling women what the world should do for them to end rape.
Part of which is
Now, it's perfectly valid, and useful, to educate young men as to what constitutes rape.  Yes, getting a woman drunk and taking advantage of her is rape.  Manipulation can be rape.  If you don't have consent, it's rape.  These are problems that have always existed, and were exacerbated in recent decades due to several factors—young adults 18-21 not being able to socialize with adults around alcohol, lack of chaperonage for those learning how to be adults, failures in both parenting and education.

We can greatly reduce the existence of these type of rape by ensuring otherwise clueless and unfeeling people get a clue and comprehension.  Especially as you can look back to a number of movies and other media portrayal where exploiting drunk women is seen as humor.
Which does bring up some questions:
Wonder how much of this involves single-parent households with no father around?
Considering how much the entertainment industry has invested in pushing the 'Just get laid, anybody who has a problem with it is a right-wing prude' attitudes, wonder how they consider themselves to have no responsibility in the number of said clueless and unfeeling people?
Lots of other thoughts that're going to have to gel a bit.

If you're wondering what brought this subject up, Larry Correia wrote a piece, The Naive Idiocy of Teaching Rapists Not To Rape.   Which set off the Social Justice Warriors.  Which led to author John Scalzi and a guy named Hines doing hit pieces on Correia.  Which led to response.
...For those of you following the continuing balkanization of sci-fi/fantasy and the perpetually outraged Social Justice Warrior’s outrage of the week, it was recently revealed that liberal/feminist icon Marion Zimmer Bradley was a pedophile child rapist, with many victims, whose crimes were known about and covered up by elements of fandom… So yesterday the Social Justice Warriors boldly banded together to condemn conservative author Larry Correia for using the word “pussy”.
Better to go read than just get a summary, but short version: Scalzi pulled the now-standard of accusing Correia of saying shit he didn't say, Larry and a bunch of readers called him on it, and downhill from there.

Just to throw into the mix, over at Sarah Hoyt's place is this piece by Cedar Sanderson on the 'men just suck, always have, always will' crap being pushed.  Some scary stuff there.

No, I don't really have much to say right now; this shit is depressing.  Example:
Taylor Morris, a man with great big balls who doesn't give up.
Whose sacrifice is pissed on by the President & Co.

Hell with it, catch you later.

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