Saturday, June 21, 2014

Judge Margaret Noe needs to have that black robe removed

permanently.  This is so friggin' idiotic it's hard to believe.

I've been wondering when someone would finally do this.  They've been tip-toeing around this for a long time so as not to offend the politicians, about time they decided "You have to live by the rules just like everyone else."

Wonder if Pelosi will declare this proof of War On Women or some kind of personal attack?

Florida passed an interesting law:
House Bill 89 by Representatives Combee (R) and Edwards (D) in the Florida House, and Senator Evers (R) in the Florida Senate, was signed in to law today by Governor Scott. The new law clarifies that a person may threaten the use of defensive force in order to prevent or terminate an imminent or actual unlawful physical attack or commission of a forcible felony by an aggressor

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