Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A plan set up in the 30's to make food more expensive must still be followed

says the 9th Circus.  Because 'interstate commerce'.  And "Maybe you can grow something else, or sell grapes instead of raisins."

Think about that: at a time when lots of people had trouble- many couldn't- find enough to eat, Roosevelt & Co. deliberately made food more expensive...  Bastards have been dead for decades, and they're still screwing us.

Citizen records arrest- which is legal- and cops arrest.  Then cops whine when people call them on this bullcrap.  I'm going to borrow from Insty:
But Fall River Police Sgt. James Machado of the Massachusetts Police Association said cops want the same protection the two-party consent law offers private citizens, noting they aren’t allowed to electronically record prisoners in their holding cells.
“We just simply want to be treated and looked at in the same way as individual citizens,” Machado said. “The problem is sometimes we’re not sure if they are a snapshot of what went on or the entire picture.”
See, the thing is that police officers on duty aren’t just “individual citizens.” They are shielded by qualified immunity, and by bureaucratic power, in ways private citizens aren’t, and unlike private citizens they’re exerting the coercive power of the state. And they’re drawing a taxpayer-funded paycheck to do it. To suggest that they should have the same privacy rights as ordinary citizens is so ridiculous that only a police-union official could do it with a straight face.

In which the gun bigots show they don't believe their magic signs actually work:
Headlining the event was Brady Campaign President Dan Gross and Washington CeaseFire President Ralph Fascitelli. Town Hall Seattle had a sign in the glass door stating “No firearms allowed in the building. Thank you for your cooperation.” Inside was a visibly armed security guard.
Folks, when you insist places must have magic signs for safety, then YOU insist on armed security, you're proving you're full of crap.

Once again, this has nothing to do with safety, it's about control.
Um--"mass shootings"? How many rifles need one buy within five days to carry out such an atrocity? Aren't most mass shootings planned long in advance, meaning that even if the aspiring mass murdered did for whatever strange reason need two or more rifles, he would have time to acquire them? Since this is only a reporting requirement, rather than a prohibition on buying more than one rifle within five days, how is it supposed to stop a massacre?
One more piece of red tape; one more piece of recording what we own.  One more bit of control.

Yes, but things being better doesn't fit the Preferred Narrative™, so they don't talk about that.

Remember: More people are dead(we'll never know how many), NOBODY at ATF or DoJ or anywhere else was fired for Gunwalker, Obama's still hiding documents illegally, and Holder's whining about how "Those Republicans are only attacking me because I and the President are black!"

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Windy Wilson said...

And almost as insulting, the same people who believe in magic signs for safety complain about the Mormons' "magic underwear", as if that is somehow more of a problem in today's society.