Monday, May 12, 2014

Anybody think the Nork high command ISN'T squirrelly enough

to do this?
As we reported early last year, Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst, believes that North Korea's recent seemingly low-yield nuclear tests and launch of a low-orbit satellite may in fact be preparations for a future electromagnetic pulse attack.

A copy of a report prepared by the Department of Homeland Security for the Defense Department, obtained by Pry from sources within DHS, finds North Korea could use its Unha-3 space launch vehicle to deliver a nuclear warhead as a satellite over the South Pole to attack America from the south.
That would be bad.  Not sure how good this 'solution' is:
Franks has introduced H.R. 3410, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, which would let Homeland Security take practical steps to protect the electric grid. This bill has been called a "necessary first step" in protecting the nation's power grid.
DHS?  The clowns in charge of VIPR teams screwing with people on the highways and trying to get off their train?  Really?

I can see a bill saying "Electrical utilities must take steps to protect the grid", as they'd know what needed protecting, or having spares for, but DHS?  That sounds like a prescription for "We need 'X' billion more dollars for this program!"  Along with a level of efficiency that would make that turtle crossing the road look like Speedy Gonzales.

I'd heard of the Carrington Event, but not the Railroad Storm, so I looked it up.  Yeah, that would really mess things up today.

Ah, more of what everyone has to look forward to in government-run health care:
The email, written by Telehealth Coordinator David Newman, a registered nurse, describes how patients at the Cheyenne VA Medical Center are always listed getting appointments within a 14-day window, no matter when the appointment was first requested, and no matter how long the patient actually waited.
The memo admitted, “Yes, this is gaming the system a bit…” because “when we exceed the 14 day measure, the front office gets very upset, which doesn’t help us.”
The employee further instructs staff on how to “get off the bad boys list” by “cancelling the visit (by clinic) and then rescheduling it with a desired date within that 14 day window.”
You may die, but the paperwork at the 'Who Gets Treated' board will look marvelous!

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