Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"We can't just cut them off! We have to see if the slavery and murder

and such can be religiously defended!"  All you need to know about these bastards.
U.S. Islamic leaders won’t try to formally excommunicate the Islamist Boko Haram group unless they can meet with its leadership to debate the religious legitimacy of its actions, a spokesman for a leading mosque told The Daily Caller.
Murder, rape, torture, slavery, how the HELL can they need to 'debate the religious legitimacy' of that?

From those wonderful people at CAIR,
Shekau’s claims are “un-Islamic,” said a statement from the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “It is almost impossible to express the level of disgust felt by American Muslims at the un-Islamic and obscene actions of the terrorist group Boko Haram for the kidnapping and threat to ‘sell’ hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls,” it said.
Really?  But
CAIR’s spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, rejected TheDC’s request for an theological refutation of Shekau’s claims. “That’s all we do for any anti-Muslim hate site as The Daily Caller,” said Hooper.
If you actually think their actions and words are un-islamic, wouldn't you want to demonstrate why and how to people?  As opposed to blowing them off because 'You hate muslims!" ?

Read it all.  To those muslims who actually want to do something about this: watch your back.  I think you're doing a good thing, but you know you're putting your life at risk.

Ain't that something?  Want to get rid of old stuff about "You can take slaves and kill anyone who doesn't believe" and THAT puts your life on the line.

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Keith said...

I don't think we're hearing anything like the whole story on this.

There is a far more murderous religion at work there as well: statism

apparently the murderous rape and extortion gang which calls itself "police" were holding hostage many families of suspected boko haram people.

This isn't simple, we don't know the timing or the full list of events leading up to this

bear in mind that statists have absolutely no problem with attacking and murdering or enslaving any innocent they can get their hands on to use as a proxy.

they use different words, to deflect criticism from the actions they are taking, but changing the name of an action does not change its character.