Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No outrage to work up right now, so:

There may be bitching and yelling later.


Grayson said...

Ironhand? Regarding the 'Children and Firearms Safety?'

Consider the following "hypothetical" scene:

Teacher: "Class, your attention please?"
Class: "Yes, Mister Ratzlaff."
Teacher: "I have some good news: first, our most recent bake sales and last month's bottle drive have raised enough money to get us halfway to our goal of buying a new 60 millimeter mortar for our school firearms safety training program!"
Class: "Yay! Awesome! Wowzers! Allright!"
Teacher: "Also, we just recieved some other good news. Apparently, some very generous people, including a gentleman who calls himself, 'Firehand', have donated a significant quantity of .303 British cartridges to our training programe. That means, on our next major field trip to the range - we're taking the water cooled Vickers machine gun."
Class: "Yaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!" (at about 95 decibels).

Just so that you are aware, my idea of psycological warfare against hippies, is to (figuratively) stick the knife in right to the hilt. And then twist it.


Firehand said...

Kinda got that idea. Well done