Friday, April 25, 2014

Why you're not Officer Friendly anymore, Reason #318:

you're lying, perjuring sacks of crap.  Who gets away with it.
The incident transpired on New Year’s Eve of 2009. Deputies arrested Ross’s husband for unspecified reasons while he was at a neighbor’s house. They then came to Ross’s home, detained her and searched the premises. Ross did not permit them to perform the search, and she heard one officer tell another that they had not obtained a warrant, according to Courthouse News. They ransacked the house, but found nothing criminal.

Dashcam footage caught them admitting as much. “The house is clean, there is no meth in the house,” said one officer, according to the complaint.

The officers then discuss taking white powder from the police vehicle and planting it in the house:
“We’re gonna spike that and we’re gonna spike him. I got the meth in the fucking car.”
Police reported that they found two bags of white powder inside the house, although this was later proven to be false.

From Balko:
The suit also brings up two other questions: If the district attorney’s office dismissed the charges due to false statements, why haven’t the people who made those false statements been prosecuted for perjury? And why are these particular police officers still on the job?
Because badge, that's why.  Same reason a lot of other perjurers are still on the job.

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